Sunday, June 18, 2006


Só há oito "Nakhlites" conhecidos no mundo, sendo que o primeiro foi encontrado no Egipto em 1911. Até hoje, de acordo com informações da NASA, foram descobertos na Terra 28 meteoritos de Marte.

The ALH84001 meteorite was found in the Allan Hills area of Antarctica in 1984. It was identified as an SNC (martian) meteorite in 1994. The yellowish grains visible are carbonate.

Shergotty (basaltic shergottite). The basaltic texture with grains of pyroxene and feldspar are evident. Shergotty fell in India in 1865.

The Nakhla meteorite fell in Egypt in 1911. The green colour is augite clinopyroxene. The black fusion crust on the exterior can also be seen.

Chassigny fell in France in 1815. It is composed of olivine and lesser amounts of chromite.

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