Friday, August 25, 2006

Pai de José

".. e Jacob, o pai de José, marido de Maria da qual nasceu Jesus, chamado Cristo."
(Mateus 1:16)

"Ele [Jesus] era o filho, assim se julgava, de José, o filho de Eli..."
(Lucas 3:23,24)

26. Was Jacob (Matthew 1:16) or Heli (Luke 3:23) the father of Joseph and husband of Mary? (Category: misunderstood the Hebrew usage)

The answer to this is simple but requires some explanation. Most scholars today agree that Matthew gives the genealogy of Joseph and Luke gives that of Mary, making Jacob the father of Joseph and Heli the father of Mary. This is shown by the two narrations of the virgin birth. Matthew 1:18-25 tells the story only from Joseph's perspective, while Luke 1:26-56 is told wholly from Mary's point of view. A logical question to ask is why Joseph is mentioned in both genealogies? The answer is again simple. Luke follows strict Hebrew tradition in mentioning only males. Therefore, in this case, Mary is designated by her husband's name.
This reasoning is clearly supported by two lines of evidence. In the first, every name ithe Greek text of Luke's genealogy, with the one exception of Joseph, is preceded by thdefinite article (e.g. 'the' Heli, 'the' Matthat). Although not obvious in Englitranslations, this would strike anyone reading the Greek, who would realize that it wtracing the line of Joseph's wife, even though his name was used. The second line of evidence is the Jerusalem Talmud, a Jewish source. This recognizthe genealogy to be that of Mary, referring to her as the daughter of Heli (Hagigah 2:4).

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