Thursday, April 1, 2021


.....Turns out that the natural tendency of Nature is order, not disorder. Nothing other than fundamental particles would exist otherwise. _Natura abhorret inordinatio._ Organisms are the proof that Nature will spare no efforts to find some kind of order. At least nature strongly seeks for something different from the absolute chaos. Anything but the Nothing. (the absolute chaos = nothing). Anything comes to be out of the chaotic "dust" of the Big Bang. Without a strong tendency to find some kind of structure, nothing would exist. The primordial chaos would remain. The tendency to escape chaos is so strong that doesn't stop in 'order' but continues until 'structure'. (I just realize that one obvious implication is the expected existence of big things... Check!) [also very interesting: big animals would exist whenever they can, even without any pressure of natural selection. All things would get as bigger as they can. Things like titin are expected.] In the end the Universe will be a big void space punctuated with structured "bodies". Either this or a non-sense belief in the _watchmaker._

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