Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Poor bastard

1. I have windows 7 Ultimate.2. I have 12 Gig ram3. I have everything but the necessities disabled.4. I have a 2 Gig Geforce GTX 285 video card.5. I have 20MB download speed fiber optic.
And I still get terrible stutter on youtube

I remember when a professional photographer proudly talk about his 125 MB of RAM.

I don't know if they really went to the Moon but I know how many computer power they had on the Apollo 11: 2 kB @ 1024 kHz.

I have 2.25 GB of RAM. I just realize that I'm writing in english. Apparently I've decided to stick with it. I'm using a public free Internet @ 1,95 Mbps. Sometimes it's possible to surf and even post something. I have a spurious XP. 

Num país onde qualquer idiota ganha 13 000 € por mês.

Atira-te ao mar e diz que te empurrarem.

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