Friday, April 6, 2018


A história de um pardal.
An annual event known as Domino Day, which started in 1998, televised the attempts of a Dutch team to break the world record for the number of dominos set up and toppled. The event garnered a lot of local attention each year and even boasted hosts like Lionel Richie and Shania Twain. At the 2005 event, a sparrow (a mus in Dutch) got into the exhibition hall and, after it knocked over 23 000 dominos, an expert was brought in to deal with the bird. Attempts to capture it failed and it was eventually shot. The incident caused a tremendous outcry in the Netherlands, and the shooter was fined €200. After Moeliker appealed to the Ministry of Justice and Security, the body of the so-called dominomus joined the duck at the museum. 

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