Sunday, April 12, 2020

The concept of infinity, when well understood, don't aloud to say that there are things bigger than infinity. It's pretty obvious. Pretty obvious, indeed.
As people seem to deal well with the speed of light limit, declaring that nothing can be bigger than infinity, doesn't seem to raise any problem.

Yet, as soon as people start to think about it, they proudly produce, in a very short time, the first impossible non-sense: that some infinities, like pigs in a futuristic farm, are bigger that others.
That is: the statement "nothing can be bigger" is immediately followed by "this is bigger".
Not even using the usual "but", like in "but some are more equal than others".
This stupid non-sense lasts for decades now, growing happier by the day.

Nothing can be bigger than infinity.
It's not that hard, is it?!
You can't put up a fair race if the runners are in different runaways, can you?

And if your brain can deal with non-sense, that's not a sign that you're smart. Try crazy, first.

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